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making celebrating people thru events the new standard

Do you feel the aura of spring yet, or do you need a prophet to tell you how significant it’d be for our lives to get back to normal? Our lives have changed because of the impact of COVID… we no longer interact nor celebrate priceless moments. But should that be the case?

Besides, birthdays, babies, anniversaries, bachelorette parties aren’t paused because of COVID.

What they say

Plan unforgettable events effortlessly and hassle-free!

Life is meant to be celebrated, even amid a pandemic. This is the most important time to celebrate our loved ones. As mental health rates are increasing significantly, we must find safe, yet creative ways to celebrate our loved ones and lives’ most memorable moments.

So, are you going to avoid celebrating life’s beautiful moments or are you going to look for a way to celebrate amidst the pandemic?

What if I told you there’s a simple way for you to organize any event in a safe and fun way, will that ease your stress and help you decide to celebrate life?

McNeill Events and Co is that easy and fast way to organize safe and fun events hassle-free.

We are a full-service event planning company that specializes in planning intimate social events.

We pay attention to the minor details and make your event memorable and unique.

Planning your event with McNeill Events and Co means you’ll benefit from;

Whatever concept you have in mind about that special event you want to organize, you can trust us to bring your vision to reality. We help you bring clarity to your vision and elegance to your events all within your budget.

What we offer you is a chance to plan an unforgettable event.

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Why Us

Growing up, I always had the luxury of attending many family vacations, traveling the world, parties, events, followed by more and more family celebrations.

To me, it was the norm, but I quickly realized it wasn’t the same with everyone.

I wanted to share the same standard of celebrating people through events that I grew up on with the world. The McNeill Standard.

My upbringing inspired me, and this is part of my vision behind McNeill Events and Co. As a family business, you will always get complete dedication from us. We care about your experience, and we want to give you the best. When you book with us, you’re investing in a legacy and getting service from those who naturally have a love of celebrating others.

With us, you won’t only get an event, but you’ll have an experience. We don’t limit your events to a specific place or location, we also plan destination celebrations to give you and your loved ones an unforgettable experience.

We tailor our packages to meet your planning needs. We offer 4 custom packages.

Gold Package

Rose Gold Package

Diamond Destination Package

Emerald Package

You’ll always get excellent customer service from us.

We are available to attend to all your needs and inquiries.

Let me know how can I help you!

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